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On March 1, 2006, a boy was reluctantly driven off of his road to self-destruction.  He was forced to go down an unfamiliar road.  One that confused him, but gave him life.  At first this road was uncomfortable, scary, and its end seemed to be unfathomable.  This road opened the boy’s eyes and gave him…

Slang Man


May 17, 2005 – It was a summer night on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  I got back to my crib on Clinton and Rivington after my nightly club crawl taking care of the usual customers.  I was relaxing, smoking, and fell to sleep – my phone kept ringing through the early morning, but…

Introducing… Faces In Prison


Welcome to Faces In Prison, where you will find tales from those on the inside.  Our goal is to give all inmates a chance to tell their story and to be represented in the outside world, and to hopefully make new friends with those of us who live in public society. We welcome all feedback!