Slang Man

May 17, 2005 – It was a summer night on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  I got back to my crib on Clinton and Rivington after my nightly club crawl taking care of the usual customers.  I was relaxing, smoking, and fell to sleep – my phone kept ringing through the early morning, but I didn’t notice until the thirtieth time.  I picked up and it was one of my regulars and he wanted me to meet him around the corner.  Being dead tired, my girlfriend offered to go meet him.  Some time passed by and she didn’t come back, and she didn’t answer her phone either.  Suspecting something was up, I grabbed all my supplies and money from the apartment and ran to the roof.  The police were already there waiting for me – I ran and jumped to a nearby building’s roof and escaped to the street.

For six months I remained on the run.  Finally, as winter began, the law caught up to me due to my girlfriend (who was also on the run for the same drug charges) calling 911 when I got into a fight with her.  I was arraigned and charged with an A2 drug felony.

Since then I’ve been doing my time and making amends with the family and friends I’d lost contact with.  I started practicing Judaism to expand my religious horizons.  I keep working on my rap rhythm and flow, my one true passion – as a matter of fact, most of the money I made on the street went to studio time, and I had just finished negotiating a record deal when I was finally locked up.

I also work out in the gym on a regular basis and enjoy playing chess with the other inmates.

I am hoping to correspond with optimistic and energetic women who can appreciate my creative talents and charismatic nature.  –Slang

  • Nickname: Slang Man
  • Male
  • Height: 5’11″
  • Weight: 190 lb
  • Ethnic Background: African American and Portuguese
  • Charged With: Possession with intent to sell
  • Expected Release: September 2012
  • Location: New York

Mailing Address

Jermaine Brown #06-A-2565
Mid-Orange Correctional Facility
900 Kings Highway
Warwick, NY 10990-0900

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  1. nikki
    November 8, 2010 | 12:02 PM

    Im new at this prison thing. I’ve got a fianc’e down south at the big muddy river correctional center right now. and with my situation, justice isn’t being served. and its all due to the public defender’s not doing their job correctly. i hope that your doing well, i’ve read your story, and thats a shame that it came down to what it did. bad things can happen to all good people, whther we like it to or not ya know. I’ve learned to be strong, and know that God is on your side. There is a reason for everything in life, we may not always know what those reasons are, Only God does. He Doesn’t put us in situations unless he feels that we are able to handle them. Thats what i’ve discovered in life, after everything i’ve gone through. I’ve never been arrrested, nor prison for that matter. But just becuase some one we know is or has gone to either place, doesn’t make them a bad person. we all make mistakes in life, some make them more than others. everyone must learn from them, inorder to move on and be a better person. I’m the kind of person, that always trys to find the good in people, which in return gets alot of people taking advantage of someone always being there. I’m very blunt and straight forward. i will tell you how it is and should be. which i do feel now, after looking up law, and dealing with the situation that im in, i wish instead of becoming a hairstylist, maybe i should of became a lawyer. lol. well, i hope i didnt bore u. be strong.


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